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Once your baby has reached 3 months old, all he wants is to put everything in his mouth. And this is only the beginning! As soon as you take him in your arms, he just want to grab granny’s pearl, your mate’s delicate bracelet or put restaurant’s pointy knife in his mouth. Minty Wendy’s Jewellery concept is quite simple, Casual Chic Jewellery from food grade silicone, specially designed to please the Mum, but which can be safely chewed on by your baby. Not only you please yourself with minimalistic trendy design, but on top of it you are the good mum who always have a toy to hand for your baby. Minty Wendy’s colours are soft and chic so you can enjoy your jewellery. And then, when finally your baby will be done with chewing on anything, you’ll still be able to enjoy your jewellery, only without all the drooling on it. ... MoreLess


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